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  • Hot Work Checklist

  • Abid Khan

    December 28, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    According to OSHA, hot work is

    any work that involves burning, welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, grinding, using fire- or spark-producing tools, or other work that produces a source of ignition.

    A hot work checklist should be filled to ensure all control measures are in place before carrying out the work. It also helps in keeping records of hot work activities carried out at the workplace.

    Hot work checklist ensures the following.

    • Gas Test is Conducted
    • Free from Flammable and Combustible materials
    • Hot Work Permit Complied and completed
    • Suitable fire extinguishing equipment must be immediately available in the work area
    • A competent fire watch must be assigned to the work area
    • Welding hoods must be worn by welders
    • Proper personnel protective equipment must be used by welders and helpers
    • Fire blankets to contain sparks and slag
    • Hoses and cables run in an orderly fashion and not block access ways
    • Adequate ventilation in place to remove fumes and gases
    • Metal buckets to collect the buds and flux
    • Cables and hoses inspected before the start
    • Flashback arrestors used on the regulator end of the hoses
    • Torches constructed of brass, bronze or stainless steel
    • Safety goggles fitted with side piece and proper shade lens
    • Aprons and leggings are worn by welders
    • Cylinders containing oxygen or acetylene are not taken inside Confined spaces
    • Gas cylinders kept enough away from the hot work area
    • Torches inspected at the beginning of each use
    • Friction lighters are available, No Matches or Lighters
    • Welding cables completely insulated and flexible type

    Download the Hot Work checklist from below.

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